Celebrating Moses

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We had our parents (minus my mom ☹️) & Kaden over tonight to celebrate Moses’ birthday. We were supposed to last weekend, but most of our family had a cough and/or runny nose, so we postponed to tonight, but unfortunately my mom tested positive for covid today so she stayed home.

My original plan was supposed to be a grill-out, but since it rained on & off all day, we moved it inside instead so I just threw something small together.

I used our tree stump cake stand from our fall forest wedding for a homemade chocolate cake. I made little “s’mores cups” out of garden seed starter cups & filled a fall mini loaf pan with gummy bears. I grabbed a stuffed squirrel we had & had the kids find me some sticks to place in a vase for decor.

I found these cute little cake toppers on Amazon and just stuck them in cute. My dad commented that it looked better than the ones I get from a bakery which made me sooooo happy to hear & really proud of my hardwork.

We ordered a variety tray of Subway sandwiches since our food menu changed on us. I also put out Pretzel twig sticks, wild berry mix my dad brought, and some babybel cheeses that I drew spots on to look like ladybugs.

I found this cute woodland theme party set on Amazon. They were adorable.

I made the garland finding photos on Pinterest that looked similar to the plates. I printed them out, glued them to construction paper, them laminated them & cut into individual pieces. I used a hole puncher to make holes and tried some yarn through to hang up. It barely took any time at all and looked really cute.

Moses was pretty nervous by the candle. He took a few bites of his piece before throwing it on the floor.

The handsome guest of honor with his super adorable “I’m Ukrainian, what’s your superpower?” Shirt.

It was really small, but it was only his first so realistically he had no idea what that whole shindig was for. It was still cute though and I hope everyone had a nice evening celebrating my Mosie Man.

Niko told me that I am “the best mom in the world” when he came home from work which really meant so much to me. He knows how hard I am on myself about being a mom & always thinking I’m not good enough/not doing enough so that really meant the world to me. I just hope the kids think it, that’s what really matters.

Until next time ♡ Mama Morozov

Sasha’s 4th Birthday | Frozen


Happy Sunday! We celebrated Sasha’s 4th Birthday today at The Wonderland Playground.

It was a really great place to host a party, especially for our crew because we have an older group of kids and a younger group of kids so there was something for everyone to do and enjoy themselves.

Sasha wanted a Frozen-themed party. I’m not big on specific character themed anything, so I tried my best to make it as Frozen-themed as possible without making it too overdone.

Sasha wore one of her new dresses that she got for her birthday and I French braided her hair to look just like Elsa. She looked so cute and she was so happy for her day!

I got the shimmery baby blue table cloth from Amazon & the blue garland + cake stand from Target. I liked that the cake stand was white and not breakable. It will go with all cakes and definitely get much use out of it.

I got this beautiful wintery/Frozen theme drip cake from 3 Sweet Girls in a birthday cake flavor. Sasha picked out the snowflake cake topper and we added that with the candles.

It was yummy, but I did not set it out early enough to reach room temperature. With these cakes you need to refrigerate until about 30 minutes before serving, but I was so afraid the butter cream frosting would melt, I left it refrigerated for too long. I ate a slice of leftover cake that had not been refrigerated since the start of the party and it tasted SO much better. Next time I will set it out at the beginning of the party with the rest of the set up to ensure it reaches the perfect room temperature.

We set up all of the spots with Frozen theme plates, napkins, cups, and forks. I got the Frozen plates + napkins from Amazon & the blue & purple cups + forks from Walmart.

Under each cup was a Blue Frost Gatorade. I thought those went along well with the Frozen theme. I thought it all looked really cute.

Since Sasha was the birthday girl, we brought her special Anna cup to drink from instead of the cups.

Sasha is my shy girl 👧🏼. She got so shy & uncomfortable when all the focus was on her to sing happy birthday to her. She hid her face and waited to blow out her candles until everyone closed their eyes.

Athena loved the big kid side. She was just so happy running and jumping around. She would get completely buried under the foam blocks and just come out with the biggest smile on her face.

This was part of the bigger kids playground side. It was a lot like the modern-day Discovery Zone. The kids had so much fun and I was honestly jealous I couldn’t go up there with them 😂.

One of the reasons that I really wanted to host Sasha’s birthday party at The Wonderland Playground is because she LOVES to watch Blippi.

If you don’t know who Blippi is, he’s a man who dresses up in this funny little outfit and goes around checking out + playing on the most fun children’s play lands. The Wonderland Playground reminded me so much of a play land that you would see in one of his episodes and I knew that she would be so excited when she saw it.

Moses loved this little carousel & he looked so cute riding it!

This was the baby + toddler side. It was SO cute and had so much for them to do! I love that they had just as big of a section for them as the big children.

It was a really nice place to host a party. Although the price is a bit steep, I would definitely host another party here in the future, especially when Moses gets a little bigger & can really enjoy all the baby side has to offer. The facility was extremely clean and the staff was so friendly and helpful.

I am really happy with our experience and even more happy that Sasha told me it was “the best birthday ever.” My mama heart is so full! ❤

Things I did BETTER this party:

• I remembered to bring candles + a candle lighter. • I remembered to bring a cake cutter/server. • We arrived early and gave ourselves plenty of time to set up stress-free.

Tips to remember for the next party:

• Bring a knife (to cut baby + toddler food). • Bring a roll of paper towels – kids are messy. • Bring scissors. • Invest in the helium machine, or at least the portable plug in one. We will get our money worth from it. • Put the cake out earlier to give it more time to reach room temperature.