Meet Sati & Indi!! 🐶🐶


I am SO excited to introduce the newest members of the Morozov Family: Sati (Sativa) & Indi (Indica).

They are 3/4 Siberian Husky 1/4 German Shepard. They are littermates that were born on May 27th. They are already doing amazing at potty training, especially Sati. They only had a couple pee accidents yesterday, and no accidents overnight last night. They now cry to let us know they need to go outside. They woke up around 3 & 6 last night to go outside, but I was grateful they let me know instead of just going inside.

Sati is high-energy & Indi is very mellow. Niko & I gravitate more towards Sati, and the girls prefer Indi. Of course we all love them both. Moses was a little scared at first, but he has definitely warmed up. The kids are so happy with them and they have been incredibly helpful with them.

They have an appointment this afternoon with our family vet. Sati has a little hernia that we are a little concerned about, but the vet said they are normal and usually removed around 6 months when they are spayed. She isn’t acting bothered by it or strange in any way, so they told us not to worry but will take a look at it today.

Overall they are the perfect pups for our family. They don’t have any bad habits that we have seen yet. They are very family-friendly & smart pups. Their colors are getting even more beautiful by the day.

We are so in love with them & SO happy to add them to our family! Niko & I were both feeling a bit down as Moses is turning into more of a little toddler than a baby. The kids have been begging for a puppy for years, even more so since our fence was installed. So we figured we’d curb our baby-fever with some baby pups & bring the whole family lots of joy + smiles. We definitely made the right decision.

Until next time ♡ Mama Morozov

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