New Life in Deer Park


A fawn was born in my garden yesterday ❤🦌.  These little moments make me so grateful to live in Deer Park. I love watching the fawns grow up, play, & even nurse in my yard.

It isn’t where I would like to live forever. I need more open sky, more nature to discover + play in, more natural water & clay to squish my toes in. I need more land & less neighbors. But for now we are here & we will make it the very best we can with what we were blessed with.

It makes my mama heart SO happy that I have created an atmosphere for the neighborhood animals to feel safe enough to bring their babies earth-side + raise their babies here (we currently have a mama bunny 🐰 & her two babies 🐇🐇 living in our yard as well). I’m thankful that my children get to grow up with these experiences as well.

I love looking out the window and seeing the birds drinking from their bath, counting how many different colors I see. I love watching the squirrels & chipmunks play along our fence. They steal my plants, but that’s okay because I am happy their bellies are full.

This may not be our forever home, but when I really take in all my blessings & all that Deer Park has had to offer us in our time here, this place has been pretty great to us.

In a way, it gave me new life too. I shed my old damaged shell of a human here & with wobbly new legs on my own, I became the woman, wife, & mother that I am. I’ll forever be grateful for this home for saving me.

Enjoy this beautiful new life with me;

Until next time ♡ Mama Morozov

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