VERY Small Bathroom Mini Upgrade!

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I have been wanting to upgrade my bathroom for a long time now, but have never been able to justify spending the money since my husband and I are typically the only people who see and use this bathroom.

For Christmas, I received a gift card to Target and decided to use that money to finally splurge on giving my bathroom the re-fresh that it desperately needed.

First, I gave it a super scrub down with my favorite Thieves Household Cleaner.

Thieves provides a deep clean without any dangerous ingredients that is extremely versatile and safe to use around everyone in your family including pets.

One bottle of Thieves Household cleaner replaces: All purpose sprays, window cleaners, tile cleaners, upholstery cleaners, bathroom surface sprays, mopping solutions, cleaning pastes, stain removers, carpet shampoo, degreasers, and more.

After a good cleaning, I began my upgrade.



I prefer to have my floors clear of any unnecessary clutter, so this hanging toilet paper holder was perfect for such a small space. I also replaced our previous trash can.



I added a faux eucalyptus wreath, new hand towel, and a new matching vanity set that also matches the new trash can.

It really is amazing how adding just a few pieces that coordinate really change the entire feel of a space.



I added two two-tier shelving units with pull out bottom drawers; one for myself and one for my husband. I added smaller, but same color two-tier shelf in the center for soaps and hand creams.

I have not yet began working on the pull out drawer above this shelf which is why I left it out of the “after” photo. I also need to take down the sticky hooks that are no longer being used.

As for my husband’s side of storage, I am going to let him fill that in how he wants.



I replaced the dark brown shower curtain with a much lighter one with a gold floral design to match the new vanity set and trash can.

The lighter shower curtain brightens up the room quite a bit and makes the room appear slightly larger than the dark brown did. The dark brown made me feel like the room was caving in on me every time I looked in the mirror which is across from the shower. This makes me feel much less claustrophobic.

I still need to purchase a new bath mat and new baskets for the top pull-out shelf.

I would like to add a few wooden shelves on the empty wall space above the toilet to add a tiny bit more storage since this is a very small, and awkwardly shaped bathroom.

I would also like to add a few more decor pieces & switch out the outlet for a “prettier” one, but for now I am very happy with this mini upgrade! It went from my most hated room in the house to a room that I am actually pleased with and really goes to show that a little bit really can go a long way!

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