Our Halloween House | Holiday Decorating Schedule


In case you don’t know this about me: Halloween is my favorite holiday of all! I love Halloween and everything about it; always have since I was a little baby!

This year was a bit different, and this post is a bit late, but I wanted to document our 2020 decorations.

The Return of 2019

Wow! Our porch looks nothing like this anymore!

First off, AW! Little newborn baby Athena! She’s SO small! And I’m so big!

Second….. look at those walls! 😱 I can’t believe I insisted on keeping that paneling as-is! It looks so much better since its update!

2020 – The Scariest Year Ever

Maybe not so much at our home, but for what is currently happening worldwide, this year wins scariest year award by a landslide. 🥇

When you first pull up you are greeted with hanging skeletons.

Our own little mini pumpkin patch
The fat little squirrel that has been stealing all of my pumpkins!
This year I got fake pumpkins to put in the hanging basket. I got the last two packages at Target and will hopefully find a few more next year to be able to fill the basket. I think the real pumpkins I used last year looked much nicer, but I will be able to get much more use out of reusable ones for many years to come.

I was hoping that by placing a scary skeleton next to the candy corn would keep the kids from sneaking it 😆 but that didn’t go as planned.

This is the kids favorite piece. They have so much fun counting down the days which really helps them learn patience, counting, days of the week, subtracting, shapes, etc. And it is something the whole family can participate in. We also have a Christmas one, but I would love to buy one for more holidays since it is so well-loved and used.

There were a few more decorations that I never got around to photographing, and have since been taken down. Mostly little knick knacks, but some bigger pieces:

I had a table runner with cute little ghosts on the cabinets in the living room under the window.

The mantle was pretty weak this year, but I did have a few of the same pieces from last year on there. A few were also broken this year.

On top of the entertainment center I had books and vinyls of Halloween spooky sounds and Disney’s Trick or Treat.

My Holiday Decor Schedule

  • 🍂 September: Fall
  • 🎃 October: Halloween
  • 🦃 November: Clear out Halloween • Fall/Thanksgiving • slowly add earth-toned wintery pieces.
  • 🎄 December: Christmas
  • ❄ January: Clear out Christmas • Winter.
  • 💘 February: Valentines

Halloween Treats

These little “pumpkin patch cups” were so cute to make! I like candy corn, but the pumpkins were way too much for my taste. 🎃 The kids did really enjoy them though!

This pumpkin spice cake was so cute and really easy to make!

My mom bought the girls some new Halloween-themed cookie cutters and we made cookies out of those.

I had a lot more planned for October, but with our school going back to the hybrid learning model and the constant being on the verge of “purple,” I honestly just didn’t put much heart into it this year.


This is it. The best photo I got of the entire night.

Kaden made a mask of Five Nights at Freddie’s which he immediately took off after a couple houses because it was too uncomfortable.

Ella was a black cat. Her little tail is not pictured but it was adorable.

Mia was a unicorn. I made a tail for her out of yarn.

Sasha was a princess.

Athena was a pumpkin.

With everything going on we didn’t know whether Halloween was going to be canceled or not, so we wanted to make our own costumes.

We do love the idea of making our own costumes every year now vs. Buying them, but I have realized that we will need to plan much earlier than we did this year. Like I said, my heart just wasn’t in it this year.

I felt like a horrible mom at first of course, not buying a costume, but then I realized: of all the years I went trick or treating, and all of the costumes I wore, I don’t remember a single one of them except the one year my mom made my costume. It was a werewolf. She took the time to make it for me and I remember it. Those things stick with children much more than store bought ones do. Memories matter so much more than stuff.

Well, that is our Halloween this year. We watched a lot of Halloween movies and did a lot of free printable pages from Pinterest. I would have liked to have gone to some fall events, but with the current events, we have pretty much been at home 24/7. I’m hoping next year is more eventful!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a small glimpse into our Halloween house! 🎃

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